Thursday, 21 August 2014

P.S. Reviews

American Beauty. 

My first film review on Cinema 13 was an uncharacteristic one: the recent adaptation of a Stephen King horror novel, Carrie. Stripped temporarily bare of mundane academic aspirations having just finished high school, I become faced with a strange identity crisis: what was I beyond my education, my friends, my family and my love for odd things? Embracing my newfound freedom and its great confidant, boredom, I picked up my laptop and began to write. Initially named Gluey Feathers on a Flume, my first intention for this blog was not to write about film, but to create something of a personal memo, a published diary. Having just returned from a screening of Carrie, my first instinct was to publish my thoughts on it. I had more to say than I imagined I would. I kept writing. And so came Cinema 13. 

P.S. signals a new era for Cinema 13. It is an endeavour to document each and every film that I view in the cinemas as well as a selection out on DVD. Whilst I will continue to write comprehensive reviews on the most imposing, compelling of films, P.S. will entail a cast of short reviews, the length of just one paragraph. They will be concise considerations and hopefully, memorable persuasions.  


  1. I recognized that red door immediately, love that movie. I look forward to reading your P.S reviews!

    1. It's easily one of my favourite shots out of a film made up flawless frame after flawless frame. The red in American Beauty is so memorable, so signature! Thank you! Your reviews over at Rambling Film are always such a great read.