Saturday, 30 August 2014

P.S. Guardians of the Galaxy

Dazzling, oddly original and inherently witty Guardians of the Galaxy is a Marvel adaptation which is surprisingly hard to resist. As the congenial 70s and 80s pop songs blared during the action sequences and leading man Chris Pratt delivered joke after joke, I found myself utterly taken by the charm of this superhero feature. Its blatant and irreverent disregard for its plot holes only added to its appeal - its ironic, almost self-referential manner even infectious. The film's unabashed sentimentality is redeemed by amusing repartees of a smart-alec racoon, a humanoid tree of a three word vocabulary ("I am groot"), an orphan assassin, a conceited "star-lord" and a typical vengeance-fueled warrior. The unlikely group team up, escape from a high-security prison and fight a galaxy-wide war against "Ronan the Accuser". The feature is furthered by some unexpected, genuinely touching moments of emotional embrace and visual wonder.


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