Saturday, 24 May 2014

Trailer: Magic in the Moonlight + Clouds of Sils Maria

The last 24 hours have transpired two very promising promos of two highly anticipated films: Magic in the Moonlight - Woody Allen's film for 2014 and French director, Olivier Assayas' film Clouds of Sils Maria which is set to compete for the coveted Palm d'Or at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Both trailers exhibit the films to be simply sparkling with potential. 

Magic in the Moonlight

Synopsis: "An Englishman seeks to undermine a self-proclaimed prophecy residing in the French Riviera"
I can hardly wait to see the dimensions of this on-screen couple: Colin Firth and Emma Stone are two individuals simply swimming with charm. Emma Stone has more than earned her place by Colin's side. I am certainly looking forward to seeing how Woody Allen spins his candid magic on this duo. However, the thing which most draws me to this film is the 20s setting. Allen has showed us once he can create French 20s glamour (Midnight in Paris), here's thinking can he do it again? 

Clouds of Sils Maria

Synopsis: A renowned actress is asked to perform in a revival of a play which made her famous 20 years ago. However, back then she played the role of the a cunning young lady, Sigrid, who becomes the undoing of her unsuspecting boss, Helena. And now she is asked to play the older role of Helena. In order to rehearse for the role, she travels to Sils Maria, a rural part of the Alps with her young assistant.
Whilst not anything of an avid fan of Kristen Stewart, I respect her for two distinguished performances of her career thus far in: The Yellow Handkerchief and The Runaways. I also am particularly fond of Chloe-Grace Moretz. I could never forget that shockingly perfect performance by an 11-year old Moretz in The Poker House, sitting the whole day out at a bar with a blind man, overflowing her orange juice with cherries and surrounded by cussing, smoking, drinking children and adults. She looks particularly delightful in this film - as a cold actress playing emotional games. However, the true attraction of this film comes  of course, from the delightful and distinctive French actress Juliette Binoche. She has graced the silver screen for over thirty years now - capturing our attention in Chocolat, The English Patient, Certified Copy, The Horseman on the Roof and more recently in Flight of the Red Balloon. 

Click here to watch the trailer for "Clouds of Sils Maria"

Expect reviews on Magic in the Moonlight and Clouds of Sils Maria when they hit the big-screen - Magic in July/August and Clouds in December/January. 

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