Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blogathon: Favourite Movie Titles

This is my first entry into a film blogathon. Brittani over at Rambling Film is hosting her first ever and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make this my debut participation. The idea is brilliant yet simple: choose your favourite movie titles from A-Z. She also specified that it isn't necessary to like the film you have chosen. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this post together: I was reminded of some golden oldies, struggled to choose between some (so many good ones for letter "G" and "D") and realised that there are less than 20 films made that start with the letter "X", most of which are taken by X-Men. In identifying which film titles I deemed to be the best, I looked not only at originality and concise articulation, but humour, irony and at times, simple appropriateness. A perfect film title not only provides eloquent summation but can push intrigue across to a potential audience. 

#: 21 Grams 

A: The Adjustment Bureau

B: The Belly of an Architect

C: Chimes at Midnight

D: Daydream Nation

E: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

F: Fireflies in the Garden

G: The Gods Must Be Crazy

H: He Walked By Night

I: Into the White

J: Jumanji

K: Kingdom of Heaven 

L: Love Actually

M: Moonrise Kingdom 

N: Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 

O: Our Dancing Daughters

P: The Purple Rose of Cairo 

Q: Quantum of Solace

R: Russian Ark

S: Somewhere 

T: Tron: Legacy 

U: Under the Roofs of Paris

V: The Virgin Suicides

W: We Own the Night

X: X-Men: First Class

Y: Youth Without Youth

Z: Zero Dark Thirty


  1. Thank you for participating! You've got some great ones here. I love that you included Moonrise Kingdom, Into the White, and Daydream Nation. Those are awesome titles!

    1. No worries at all. I had such a fun time putting them together. Thanks Brittani! I really thought so too.

  2. Oh the purple rose of cairo. I love that film. Great choices, nice presentation!

    1. Easily one of my favourite Woody Allen films! Thank you msmaria. So glad that you like my choices.

  3. Oh I adore that you have 'Love Actually' here. It's such a nice title and it fits the movie so well. I don't know what Daydream Nation is but it's a great title

    1. Thank you Sati. Yes 'Love Actually' was such an iconic and sweet name I just had to put it in. Daydream Nation is a flawed yet incredibly compelling film. It also features a pretty great performance by Kat Dennings. I implore you to give a shot if you have time.