Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Week in Spring

A calm spring week suddenly spiralled out of control. I'm entering into exam period and I have an assignment worth almost half of my unit due too soon. But what really knocked my schedule completely off kilter is my new job. I'm finally waving goodbye to four years of wrist-breaking waitressing! My new gig is considerably more stressful although perhaps less strenuous (in terms of physical activity). It's receptionist work at a medical clinic and it's looking pretty sweet so far. This shouldn't stop me from applying to a few independent cinemas (my dream part-time job) this summer however. I've also almost completely recovered from surgery and can walk like a normal functioning human being! But I still need all the empathy and pity I can get because working 32 hours a fortnight and trying desperately to study for 3 exams on top of an assignment means zilch time for movies. So below is an ode to my last week, my final week of cinematic wonder for a month...


So let's talk about my missing entry to my Visual & Sound Diary. I'm enjoying writing and creating this feature endlessly. I honestly look forward to it each week but the past week has just been too crazy. Amélie's entry should be up in the next day or so - I've pretty much already finished it. It just needs some finishing touches and being a perfectionist this could literally mean the alteration of just one word. The same goes for my draft of my P.S. Review for The Skeleton Twins. 

Three Colours Trilogy 

I had been searching for a while for Krzysztop Kieślowski's trilogy masterpiece and finally found separate copies of each at my university library (hurray for the perks of tertiary education). The verdict? Three Colours is simply one of the best things I've ever watched. Blue was nothing short of groundbreaking (Juliette Binoche's acting = top notch) and White was comically wonderful but Red redefined my vision of standards for the cinema. Red is flawless in every respect - it cannot be faulted.

Soderbergh Marathon

Ok so it wasn't exactly a marathon but in my mid-term break I managed to fit in Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects and Magic Mike in one night. Both features were accomplished and beautifully watchable but I can see why both fell just short of Oscar-standard. The skill of Soderbergh is his attention to detail and confident execution but his films often fail to say something important and grand, which we all know the Oscar is obsessed with. Rooney Mara was excellent in her portrayals of vulnerable to melancholias to neurosis to downright malicious. 

The Blade Runner

The Blade Runner lived (somewhat) up to expectation. Although it harboured a poorly developed love story, the visuals are amongst the best in cinema no doubt and its thematic finish is a revolutionary touch. Although the story arc is quite simplistic, its philosophical basis is a pool of endless intrigue. The quality of the film seems to mature in your mind and improve over time. This is one of my favourite things about films. When they get better through contemplation. 


Whiplash is easily one of my most anticipated films of the year. I adored Miles Teller's work in The Spectacular Now and I expect great things from a collaboration with J.K.Simmons. Every year one film emerges as the darling of the Sundance Film Festival and Whiplash is no doubt 2014s. Whiplash will be released tomorrow in Australia in select cinemas and my initial plan to see it first thing simply won't come to pass. I just do not have that kind of time. Whiplash is only showing at independent cinemas in Australia which is a particular grievance to me because that means instead of being able to catch it at my local cinema, I'd have to take a 45 minute train ride into the city. Hopefully I'll be able to salvage some hours, ditch sanity and sink into a beautiful red satin seat and watch Miles Teller beat the shit out of some drums. And J.K. Simmons beat the shit out of Miles Teller. I know my money's worth.

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