Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Week in Winter

This week I experienced new, more prominent forms of pain. I was let go, let down, put down, left behind. I gained insight into quiet absences, the fragility and condition of everything and the ready dark of this lying world. I was struck out into spaces alone and drifted about aimlessly, desperate to grasp something still, strong and constant. Experience destroys imagination. What dark things I use to paint with my mind with creativity, was ascertained yet cleanly eliminated by real events. Desolation and lunacy once romantic notions of justified angst were suddenly useless, meaningless and childish. Whims were scavenged in worlds away. Solace found form in the graceful words of John Green, the stark isolation of Sofia Coppola's visions and the ruthless escapades crafted by George R. R. Martin.

The Fault In Our Stars

I finally saw The Fault In Our Stars last night. I'm going to remain tight-lipped about this one. I'll be uploading a review in about 2 weeks, after I finish my exams. This is so that I have a chance to see the film a couple more times and (hopefully) it is when most people have had the opportunity to see it for themselves. The reason for this is because I heavily implore people not to read my review if they have not yet seen the film yet and intend to. I'm afraid I will not be holding back in terms of spoilers. I'll be doing a play-by-play inspection of the film rather my usual general, vague review with just a couple of scenes examined in detail. 


As studying was obviously not happening for me I decided to watch the Australian-French 2013 film Adore or Adoration or Two Mothers or Perfect Mothers. The only reason that could explain the ridiculous number of alternate names for this film would be its taboo subject matter. The film addresses a scenario where two mothers who have been friends for life, become "involved" with each other's sons. I was drawn to this film as I had heard about how the film had truly polarised critics. I had also heard many great things about the work of the cinematographer and was intrigued on how it convene with the all too familiar Australian coast. Directed by French film-maker Anne Fontaine, all I can say is European sensibilities imposed on Australians could only lead to controversy. I'll be uploading a review on Adore soon. 

Game of Thrones: The Mountain and The Viper

Another shocking and intriguing episode of Game of Thrones this week. Brutality is not compromised, a dark world which never fails to entertain. Our secretly sadistic and curious minds feed on the material of a world more harsh and beautiful than our own.
 I didn't see this when I watched it for myself, but after reading the complaints of those who had read the books I couldn't agree more. Emilia Clarke absolutely shredded her one significant scene this week. Basically, a time when Daenerys was supposed to portray some vulnerability, some emotion she was once again cold, hard and unforgiving - even wooden. Her performance was incredibly one-dimensional. Even Disney has portrayed Maleficient to be more layered than Daenerys. My heart sincerely went out to Sir Jorah, now that was real acting.  And thank god for Sansa Stark. Sophie Turner's acting this episode really was a change of the better. The delicious depiction of the twisted connection between Sansa and Lord Baelish is the perfect example of why I am so invested in this series.

The winter break is fast approaching and happens to coincide directly with the Australian winter (or summer in the US) movie season. Reviews you can expect from me include:

~ RIP G.X. 
Without you, I see less grace and less good. The world is more compromising  more unforgiving, more fragile, temporary and artificial. There is nothing about grief or death that hasn't already been written. But your absence is real to me. I am so sorry that all that was there when you departed was a human hand and a shadow of the person who loved you too much. "I know these will all be stories some day, and our pictures will become old photographs" but my moments with you were real. And I'm scared they'll be forgotten. I can only promise that your memories will die with me. 


  1. liking the new layout ;)))
    yep, here I am procrastinating again :L

    1. Thanks Mouse! Well if you choose to procrastinate I really would rather you do it on my blog.

  2. Oh yes, Emilia was terrible in this scene which was only more evident with how great Iain Glenn was. I hope she steps it up next season.

    1. It's a pity. I keep thinking about how much I miss eager-to-please-Drogo Dany. Emilia had some great performances back in the day. I certainly hope so to.

  3. I'll be interested to read your Adore review. I loved that film. Can't wait for Boyhood!

    1. Thanks Alex! Your review was beautifully written. I remember how highly you rated it.

      Neither can I! "12 Years in the Making" is not something to be taken lightly.